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Herbal Medicine

Herbs are one of the oldest healing modalities known to man.

Ancient man used Moxa (AKA Artemisia vulgaris or Mugwort). Chinese medicine uses Moxa to both warm parts of the body, specific acupuncture points as well as for the healing power of the smoke itself. Quality Moxa is aged for at least 5+ years.

Chinese herbal formulas are available as patent medicines from many vendors. The Dancing Bear Healing Center only buys herbs from reputable herb providers, i.e. Kan Herbs, Mayway and Blue Poppy.

The Original Bach Flower Essences® are used as an addition to many treatments at the Dancing Bear Healing Center. They are included in Soul therapy and can be included with other treatments upon request. We also sell the Flower Essences at the Clinic. These tinctures are powerful emotional level healing potions. Additional information is available at Dancing Bear Way.

We recommend Sunrider Chinese herbal meal replacement and related products.

We are also members of the American Herbalists Guild.




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