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Sound Healing

Healing with sound is an ancient modality. The Ancient Chinese medical texts (Su Wen, the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine) mentions sound healing and identifies acupuncture points that respond well to sound.

At the Dancing Bear Healing Center music is part of the therapy. We also incorporate tuning forks into some treatments.

Treatments that consist completely of various sound techniques are available. This may include tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, sound bowls, rattles, drums, and other tools.

These treatments are excellent for people who are particularly sensitive to needles or who what to experience a different but intense healing experience. treatments can be longer than typical acupuncture treatments.

There are also treatments for "Healing the Healer or Wounded Healer" that are very powerful. If you are a healer or care giver then there are spiritual level issues that need to be healed. There are specific tuning forks for this type of treatment.

Most of the tuning forks used at DBHC are made by the Kairos Institute (not related to DBHC).



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